Wednesday, January 13, 2021


photo by Lawrence Chrismorie on Unsplash

I stopped cleaning the apartment and stopped writing and just stopped.

When I searched for advice, an angel oracle card told me I should accept my nonduality, but still reek of humanity, which was rather obscure.

Still glad to be alive. I mean, I wouldn’t commit suicide, particularly not over being scatterbrained, but it feels very unpleasant.

Read a little Hamnet. That was good. I also got a high speed blender from Amazon, plus stainless steel salad tongs.

That’s it, not a great day leaves me with nothing much to say, but I’ve tried to put forth a mildly entertaining effort.


  1. I find your observations of your day sardonic and a bit witty. The picture of the stop sign looks like there is an elderly lady sitting next to it. Is that supposed to make a statement I wonder? Hamnet is such a riveting, thrilling novel so I’m so glad you are reading it! Enjoy!!

  2. As opposed to silly burnout babbling, I'll take it. I thought there was was a a snowy tree branch next to the stop sign, but it does kind of like a little elderly lady or a statue of one...

    Hamnet is wonderful.