Friday, January 8, 2021

Magick, Books, Covid

photo by Content Pixie

Me and Roe are running out of places to go. The coffeeshops are not available to sit in so we order from Starbucks--I know, there are independent coffee shops that are much more exciting--then we take our drinks to the car where we use them and read in the parking lot.

We might drive to a local park, but it's too cold to go for a walk, so we just drive through it. Sometimes twice.

We go to Stop and Shop and select ingredients for dinner and hope we don’t get corona-virus.

We read at home and stare out the window.

Roe’s convinced that if she gets corona-virus, she’ll die immediately. I don’t think I will, but who knows?

We’re getting stimulus checks. I’m not knocking them, but we don’t have anywhere to spend the money, except on food and shelter. 

I could be a little grateful.

Reading New Thought. Particularly The Game of Life and How to Play It. I’ve read this twice. Reading a Self-Identity Ho’oponopono book. also. One book tells me to think positive thoughts to get rich. The other book tells me to think no thoughts to get inspired.

I’m not exactly unhappy, but I’ve got an edge to me that’s a little too sharp for comfort. I want to go to the beach, but of course that’s unrealistic.

Trying to do magick. I feel the power in my body, but it’s not the fast lane to fulfillment, yet. I think things would be much worse if I didn’t do my spells though. Also I’m a beginner, can’t expect to play piano concertos in one day, so why should I expect to be a mage in a minute, etc, etc,etc. 

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