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Sunday, January 3, 2021


From Wikipedia Commons

Winter wonderland: cold. New year's past. Patiently waiting for everything to change. Vaccines are here, but not distributed. Biden isn’t in ’til the 20th. I’m not famous, just waiting around like a lounge lizard. There’s really no day to be seized, so don’t ask me to seize the day or I will ask you to seize your nose and blow it.

 I hope I’m not bitter. A few centuries ago, I’d be dead by now. Today, I have a number of years to look forward to assuming a piano doesn’t fall on my head. And where there’s life there’s hope. After death there could be hope also, but no one knows.

 I tried stoicism, sometime in 2020, but I was basically getting my information from a business book. It kept talking about making executive decisions and sited Andrew Carnegie as a stoic god. I couldn’t translate this to my life in anyway, but when I read Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, it gave me pause. It was all right. I’m not a roman emperor either, but somehow, what I understood, I related to. Not entirely, but a lot. My books on how to live my life are mostly from a new age feminine perspective, so it was nice to have another point of view.

 It basically depends how you look at logos that decides whether I’m into stoicism. If you look at logos as a logical, but still mystical force like God/Goddess or the Universe, I’m all ears. If you look on it as an intellectual framework for getting your to-do list done, not so much.

 Different strokes for different folks, of course.