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Wednesday, December 30, 2020


Photo by Steven Lasry/ From Unsplash 

I wonder if I’ll be famous. A little late in the game of course, don’t know if I’d want to be famous, anyway. The cult of celebrity, much complaint about people wanting to just be famous to be famous and not producing art of worth. A narcissistic society and what not. Still, it kind of sounds good to me.

 Of course you could be famous for saying something wrong on Instagram or murdering someone…

 I think benevolently famous for no reason is the way to go.

On the other hand, you could work hard and play harder. Start from the bottom, make your way to the top through effort, nose to the grindstone, blood, sweat, and tears: “I did it my way. It was difficult but I wouldn’t trade a minute for the world. Thank you God and my family for this Oscar.”


 You could be Zen famous, stare into space and let famous come to you, but don’t get attached to it.

 Then again, if you’re not famous, under the radar, and going nowhere, you don’t have to worry about attached. Unless you get attached to being a loser.

 It’s very complicated!