Friday, May 14, 2021

The Key

photo by Everyday Basics

Times New Roman or Courier New? That’s the question. Which will offer me more success? Times New Roman makes me come off as the literary sort, whereas Courier New might make me come off as an efficient sort. So what are they looking for--literary or efficient? And which type matches my personal lifestyle compartment?

This and other important questions of the day examined.

News at eleven.

The key to successful and professional goal-setting is one’s ability to delegate. If I delegate my writing career to an enthusiastic underling, I can maintain what I’m good at: eating, sleeping, and staring at the ceiling.

Should I change my name to David Rich? The trouble is there’s another writer named David Rich. I might get mixed up with him. There’s a journalist on Jewish issues named Dave Rich, but I don’t believe people will think I’m him, although coincidentally my mother was Jewish. I’m not too into the judo-christian scene, though. Some things I like about it, but I see it mostly as just rules and regulations. I believe in the Universe, or God, or the Lord and the Lady, or I don’t know… What am I going about?

One must learn to focus. Laser-like focus.

Work four hours a week and vacation the other one hundred and forty. The key to ultimate fulfillment.

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  1. I've read in a couple of places lately of a bias against Times New Roman, with people now suggesting Garamond is a better choice.